Our mission is to develop a community of Canadians and Friends-of-Canadians in San Diego.


Our membership is open and free to all Canadians, and Friends-of-Canadians, who are interested in connecting socially, professionally, and culturally.


CanDiego.org was founded in 2006 by a San Diego-based group of graduates from various Canadian Universities. CanDiego is actively organized by Thor Berggren, a Vancouver native and the current SFU volunteer alumni representative in San Diego. He can be reached by email at thor@candiego.org. CanDiego is incorporated and has filed its Non-Profit application with the IRS and the State of California Franchise Tax Board.

CanDiego's Board

CanDiego's Honourary Board

CanDiego's Volunteers

CanDiego has over 60 volunteers who participate in special planning and general membership events. If you would like to join the volunteer group there are likely roles to match your time availability and interests. Please click here to read information on the current volunteers and openings.


Most of the CanDiego founders are alumni representatives of Canadian universities. They are based in San Diego and decided to connect their memberships of hundreds of Canadians also living in San Diego. Additionally, they keep other Canadian universities informed on CanDiego events in order to ensure that the word gets around to alumni who do not have representatives here.


To join the network of Canadians who have already connected online in San Diego, please click Online Community. Once you do this, you will find that you are only one link away from Canadians and Friends-of-Canadians throughout San Diego.


As a growing organization, our events are designed to provide opportunities for connecting professionally and socially at varying San Diego locations.
Please check the Events page for details and to register.


"Since the number of alumni in San Diego from any specific Canadian university is typically too small to maintain its own alumni association, I saw an opportunity to connect Canadian university alumni in San Diego through one consolidated professional network" explains Thor Berggren, the San Diego-based volunteer alumni representative of Simon Fraser University. "I spoke with other local Canadian university alumni and alumni representatives including Julie Wright, Chris Montgomery, and Beth Collins. They also saw the opportunity and offered to help, and so CanDiego was formed. In fact, the organization is open to anyone interested in Canada and we have many honourary Canadians in the group as well."